Jeff has been meandering his way through life with songs and stories for many years. Finding the humor in unexpected places and delivering it in a way that only Jeff can. Connecting the dots, or maybe helping to erase them. It is a delightful blend of music that has flavors of blues, gospel and hints of The American Songbook.

For a new twist on some old yarn……



Below are some kind words from people  Jeff has worked with:

“Jeff doesn’t play the piano, he has an intimate relationship with it.” Basically, I don’t sit still with my shoulders back and good proper posture. I lean into the chords and keys the way I lean into life. But there is also time to sustain, or to pause. After all, there are rests in music. And I love leaving space……” Ted Swartz

“Jeff’s ability to communicate not only through his speaking but through song is truly an awesome gift, and we are so blessed to have had Jeff come share that with us during our morning worship time. Many speakers have come to our church over the years, but none of them would have been able to sit down and sing you a funny song about Manna! If you’re looking for something new and refreshing, invite Jeff to come share with you for a time during your church service.” Mitch Racine (Pier Ministry, Reading PA)

“We were so pleased to work with Jeff in planning a Sunday School class retreat that was tailored to our group’s needs. Jeff has the unique ability to weave together his music talents, humorous stories, and personal experiences into dynamic presentations that not only evoke laughter but also bring a spiritual message. At our retreat, he led us in worship and reflection on God’s promises of love and faithfulness amid life’s challenges and struggles. Jeff’s leadership for our Sunday School class retreat exceeded our hopes for an enjoyable and meaningful time together.”  Nancy Mast (Mellinger Mennonite Church)