12 Baskets and A Goat

Ted & Co is proud to introduce our latest campaign – 12 Baskets and a Goat, a project of Ted & Co, Heifer International, and Church of the Brethren. Here’s what it’s about. You book our original show, The Jesus Stories: Faith, Forks, and Fettuccine, and folks in your congregation or group bake their favorite breads and put together fun/funny baskets to auction off. We come into town on the appointed date, perform the play (it’s really good we’ve heard), and you act surprised by a fun and interactive auction in which you generously bid on those breads (yum), which turn into Heifer farm animals (it’s kind of like that wine miracle we’ve heard about, only with, uh, goats). All funds raised will benefit Heifer’s good work restoring dignity and alleviating poverty around the world.

Yah, we knew you’d have questions. So here’s our FAQ which really don’t qualify as “frequently asked” because this is new and all. How about “anticipated frequently asked questions?” Ok, here’s our AFAQ

 What’s with the title “12 BASKETS AND A GOAT”?

The event is an invitation to participate in the “theology of the basket,” of enough for all, based on the Jesus story of feeding those 5,000 hungry ones. All they had was a few loaves and a few fishes in that basket. And the same miracle happens when people share and give. The good-news stories of Jesus with people around food and tables, landscapes and baskets, calls us to that same sharing and compassion. And, the goat? Well…he’s just darn funny. And we all know we need funny.

Why Heifer International?

We wanted to create a campaign with a partner whose mission is about not only feeding people, but more deeply about alleviating the poverty that leads to hunger. What we found with Heifer is an organization that not only gives the fish, but teaches people HOW to fish, and provides them with the resources to alleviate hunger and restore dignity (insert goat for fish in this analogy and you get the picture.