The Phone Keeps Ringing

Posted on by Jeff Raught

It’s been a very interesting year thus far. And the opportunities have been been increasing. The phone keeps ringing, the emails keep coming. And that’s a good thing. Every booking helps. This past Spring he had an 30 foot Locust tree fall in the side yard. No one hurt, no property damage, but it costs a bit to clean that up. Now it’s the MANDATORY sewer hookup in West Earl (yes I’m slightly bitter) and a full upgrade on the electric panel.A/C went down, but was fortunate in having a family friend help out a GREAT deal with that. The basement is leaking….oh the list goes on. So it’s been a costly year for us here in Talmage. And we are trying to keep our head above water. Hopefully the water in the basement won’t get that high! So we appreciate your continued inquiries and bookings. They help sustain us, both financially and spiritually. God’s provision along the way is evident. And so both Cindy and I are grateful that you, our friends, family and fans keep the phone ringing. We couldn’t do it without you. Blessings to all.

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