Unexpected Ride

Posted on by Jeff Raught

I wouldn’t have expected this….not at all.But for the last 5 months I’ve been asked to share the message somewhere. Twice in September. If you know have known me at all for any length of time, you probably wouldn’t have had that in my future. But here it is. Funny thing is, I really enjoy the preparation a great deal. I really do. I spend a LOT of time digging in, setting aside.One of the things that has been incorporated has been the intentional use of songs in my sermons. And they are original pieces specifically written for that text. That inspiration comes from my Cindy. She heard me share the message once this summer and said “we need to change your approach, we are missing out on a huge strength of yours” And so it was…..and shall continue to be. I generally don’t go long either. Twenty minutes tops and that includes the music.It has been a most unexpected ride to be on and yet one I wouldn’t change for anything. Give me a call and we’ll ride together……Blessings.

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