Things Keep Changing

Posted on by Jeff Raught

Well I keep on being blessed in so many ways. I am writing more than I would have thought. Co-writing plays with Ted, co-writing songs. Leading retreats, concerts.It is quite astounding that it’s increasing. But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. God is like that. And yes I do attribute these things to God. Sure I can play all kinds of songs, write all kinds of things. Still there seems to be something profoundly different when my work, my art, is connected to this faith story. And I for one believe that God is at the heart of my creativity. And so I this is beyond my own talents or skills of sitting at the piano and playing songs. It’s more than just Jeff Raught stuff, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Please keep calling, writing, inviting. I’d love to explore this journey with you.

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