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Over the weekend here in January I was at a retreat where we were asked to write about a ritual. Something we’ve done…..something we have encountered. So I sat there and thought……”I got nothing” . But also recognized the value of participating and didn’t want to just shrug it off. A ritual…hmmm…. something I do on regular basis….something I do with intent. And then simultaneously I thought of two things. Shaving…..and Praying. And not necessarily connecting the two things as though I’m doing them at the same time because of a rusty razor. But more the idea of what things run parallel with both the shaving……and the praying.

* How do I prepare my “face”
* The cleansing and rinsing that goes with it.
* The stretching, pulling, contorting I go through.
* The feeling afterward that there is a smoothness, a softness.
* The recognition that I will need to return to this ritual because once again there will be stubble in my life.


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