A Little Mustering

Posted on by Jeff Raught

I understand that not everyone believes in God…..but you know what? I do. A while back I learned about a dishwasher in a hotel. As he waited for the evening to end,he listened to the speaker of the evening talk about Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the whole story of the virgin birth. Afterward he asked this question. “Is that story really true? If it isn’t, it should be, because it’s so beautiful”. For me that’s enough. Everyone needs something extraordinary in there life. Some pull that from imaginary things, I choose to believe that God is real and true. And if I am wrong, at least I am reaching out to something that is far greater than my own thoughts. My mind could not conjure up all that is God…I ain’t that smart.
I have friends both on Facebook and elsewhere that believe very differently. I have some who outright reject the idea of God . And yes I can still call them friends. They can offer countless arguments about why they think scripture is flawed. Pointing out that it’s only some ancient manuscript from some forgotten scribes. These same folks will quote authors and writers of the last century or two like they have greater merit…..Ah well…. Yet I do understand and empathize with people who may have felt misled by religion. This may sound odd, but sometimes the worst place to learn about God…is at church. You can learn a lot about how people treat each other, but perhaps not always what Jesus had in mind. But that’s our fault….not God’s.

I know that life is not always flowing streams in dewey meadows with sun glistened flowers. There is a lot of ugly moments. And I have contributed to some…okay many. So I am aware that I do not always respond with love in every situation. Frankly, sometimes I’m a bit of a putz. It’s why I know that I need something more than my own mind and heart. I need the truth of God and all the beauty that it envelopes. I need the gentleness of Jesus and the occasional God kick in the ass. My own history has proven time and again, that I cannot do this on my own. And yet what I have to do is small…..very small….like a tiny tiny seed. All God is asking me is to muster enough faith to believe, muster faith….the size of a mustard seed.

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