Who Does the Money Go To?

Posted on by Jeff Raught

I’ve been offering a concert idea for a little while. Recently I had a place contact me about coming and wanted to know pricing etc. I told them that presently I was doing concerts for a free will offering plus expenses. The question then came” Who does the money go to?”


I wondered, do they ask the plumber after he or she fixes the leaking pipe, “Now who does this money go to?” Or when they find out the roof needs repaired. “Who does this money go to, Miss Roof Repair Lady”?


When I take my car into the garage, cost can vary, depending on the parts needed and the labor it takes to replace them. I don’t ask my mechanic, “now who gets this money”? Are you going to actually going to take my check and put it in YOUR account….sheesh…the nerve of some people!


As artists, actors, musicians, we encounter frequently people that seem to forget we also have bills to pay. We love what we do, but so do others with skills in a trade. Masons (not those masons), carpenters, hair stylists, the list goes on. All have learned how to do things better in one area or another.


It seems harder somehow for folks to realize that we artists, still might have a mortgage on a home, a car payment, even be co-signers on a student loan. This thing that we do, this playing the piano, acting, writing, painting, photography, dancing, and singing. We did not learn this overnight. It has taken a very long time to attain some level of proficiency. Just like anything else.


We are not being greedy. The vast, vast majority of us are eking out a living doing this. It’s nice to get paid a reasonable fee. We work hard at being responsible in paying our own bills. But this…….this art thing. This is how we do it. It’s a real job. It takes a lot of hours. But we sincerely, honestly appreciate when you re-invest in that which we have invested in for so many years.


We need you, and you need our art in your life. We tell the stories of your lives, of our lives. We do this through color, through our words, music, writing and any other way we can think of to keep this message thriving. We help you by seeing life in new perspective, new angles, pushing from the inside out.


Who does the money go to?  Yes, the money actually does go to us. But it’s an investment in our very livelihood. And sometimes we even buy food with it. We are always grateful, for having another chance at the expression of what it is we do. But pay us, it’s not too much to ask. It really isn’t.  And the next time the plumber comes to my house; I’ll write them a check and say thanks for being here. I really needed your help today.


So book a musician, see a play, hang some art, buy a book. And do it soon, we’ve got another bill coming this month….no really we do…







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