The Triple…….

Posted on by Jeff Raught

Of all the possibilities in baseball, the triple remains my favorite. It always has been. The home run often gets all the press and the glory, but the home run is generally more ho-hum. Even when it wins a game, it’s called a walk off home run. Hmmm now that sounds exciting…somebody hits it over a fence and everybody walks off. That’s just it with the home run. It’s gone….it’s out of reach…..and even the runner doesn’t have to exert much energy in circling the bases.They trot. But the triple…..especially a sliding one…… now that’s filled with action. The ball is bouncing around in the outfield. It’s careening off the wall. One runs scores…….it’s on the warning track…..the scramble to get it. The throw is generally to the cutoff and then another one.. the runner is around second….. heading to third…….the throw…….dust flying……the crowd is on their feet………….SAFE!

Most times a coach will tell you to just try and make contact. Swingin’ for the fence usually results in a pop up to shallow right field. I was never a home run hitter, probably never will be. But that’s okay. Making contact, making connections, now that’s sweet. And once in a while, you just scream one down the right field line and the race is on.

I suppose I look for that in life. Those sweet connections, that making contact. I don’t hit often home runs for my friends, but I do occasionally see the ball really well, and slice it right where it needs to go. At least that’s my hope. And when I slide into third safely, I stand up and dust myself off, grinning from ear to ear. And that’s when I know I have the greatest chance of making it home. I can see it, I can almost taste it. And it doesn’t take that much to make it the rest of the way.

So swing like you’re trying to make contact. Swing strong, but not wild. And get ready to kick up a little dust in your life. It’s gonna be fun!

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