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MULLIGANS      September 2013 – Jeff Raught  ~

Hello my name is Father O’ My and I am the Vicar of St. Paul’s 3rd United Church of the Reformed Re-Gifters. Our Mission Statement: “Passing along the goodness of the Lord without attaching too much human crapola”

When I want some time away from my regular duties, I often find myself out on the golf course and God seems to have a way of putting some thoughts into my heart that I need to remember. In the game of golf, a mulligan is a stroke that is replayed from the spot of the previous stroke without penalty. The result is the hole is played and scored as if the first errant shot had never been made.

I recently met with my nephews to play a round of golf. None of us play that often but always enjoy it when we get the chance. When they were just boys and I was teaching them, I encouraged them to not keep score. It seemed more important to just keep swinging the club. There are a lot of fundamentals in a golf swing. You’d be surprised at how often Jesus is mentioned on the back nine.  As we played that summer days we were the only ones out there with no one playing behind us. We decided on unlimited mulligans off the tee. Now, you don’t normally do that, but we weren’t holding anybody back. It was a grand gesture that we all embraced, well beyond the golf game. As I look back, we continued to give out “life mulligans” to each other that day. It was a wonderful time together.

Sometimes when family or friends get together there can be high hopes of how everything is supposed to be. It can be nearly impossible for everyone’s expectations to be met. Yet that is not our approach is it? We think more about our position approaching the green than we do our relationships.

Mulligans could be handy for the way we say or hear things.More importantly they help how we often react instead of respond. For those two go hand in hand, more than we care to admit. I wish we all would hand out mulligans more often to each other. When things go astray– “Could I take a mulligan on that?”  It’s kind of an adult version of a “do-over”.

Remember you don’t give out mulligans because someone has earned it. That’s not the point. We all need that second or even third chance at something. So next time you see someone who has just sliced one into the woods of life, go ahead and tell them, “Hey, let me give you a mulligan on that one.”

Mulligans – God’s way of reminding us what grace is all about.

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  1. Marilyn Henderson says:

    Love it. Now I know what a mulligan is even though I don’t play golf! Might even be a good sermon title someday …

    Thanks for being so … you!

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