The Season’s Not Over

Posted on by Jeff Raught

Summer 3It’s September….and don’t panic. Summer is not over. We seem to forget that school starts in Summer and most times finishes in the Spring. There are still warms days left. Maybe not as many as before, but it’s not done yet. We are in such a hurry to start the next season, we forget we’re still in the one ….well, the one we are in. I suppose we do that often with life. My flowers are quite nice now, better than June. Nothing against June, she’s very nice. But look at the growth.  In the photo the vertical rod I used was once a stake for an outdoor candle holder. It got caught in the mower one day and got twisted and churned up a bit. I saved it because I saw some potential. Last Spring I found the old wheel and brought the two pieces together. And now here in September, the Spring planting of the flower, an old beat up wheel and a piece of metal…..they are as one. Some days I’m guessing we might feel like any one of these. But it reminded me that I need all the seasons, even the ones where the weather changes. Yet I’m not strapping on my Winter gloves just yet. Maybe for a day, remember that it’s okay to not hurry into tomorrow. Even when you feel like a twisted piece of metal or an old wheel. You are planted where you are for right now. And life has a way of wrapping growth around you when you least expect it.  So the season’s not over, embrace it. You might be surprised to see what’s blooming.


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