A Little Glowing Reminder

Posted on by Jeff Raught

Back in 1997 we moved into the tiny little three bedroom hobbit that we still live in. There were some hideously painted bedrooms, so we covered them up with a very dull and boring off white. I wouldn’t do that again, but we were limited in time. Soon after moving in, we gave our sons some little glow-in-the-dark stars. They could stick them anywhere they wanted on the ceiling and the trim of their bedrooms. The daylight and light from the room would “charge” them up so that when the lights turned off, there was this delightful random display of stars all over the room. And that’s where those stars have remained for the last eighteen years. By now the rooms were long overdue to be painted and last night I started to do my prep work. I knew that to put down a nice base coat I was going to have to prep the surfaces, and that meant I would need to remove the stars. They had faded over the years and were a little hard to see. So I brought in some work lights and turned everything on. But I still couldn’t really see them. But then I got the idea “Hey Einstein, why don’t you turn the lights off? They are GLOW IN THE DARK STARS. Oh yeah , that’s right. Sometimes you have to invite the dark, so you can see where the light is. I admit that it was quite delightful to be working with a putty knife in the darkness scraping away at the stars. They still had a little adhesive left and some would stick to the blade, others would fall to the carpet below. I confess, that I didn’t get very far when I felt a little sad. These little tiny shapes always brought a smile and a little sense of the magic to the night. You could lie there and forget about your day if you needed or imagine the next one around the bend.

Whenever guests would come and stay in one of those rooms, we just waited till night time to hear the surprised “Oooos” and “Aaahhhs” when the lights were turned out. Those tiny little luminescent stars transcended age and time. And now it was time to take them down. I knew they had to be removed in order to paint the room. But I started thinking…….after all the nice prep work is done, the new paint is rolled on….. the trim……Why can’t I put new stars back up there? Cindy and I agreed, we can. We are fifty five and fifty one years old and yes, it’s okay to have little glowing stars on the bedroom ceiling. I’m looking forward to it. And it’s already making me smile.

Glow in the Dark Stars

See I don’t think about growing up or growing older that much. Or how I’m supposed to do that. I’ve always been fine with whatever age I have been. I don’t want to recapture my youth. Who says I lost it? It’s still with me, just in a different way. The delightful acquisition of quirks mixed with a dose of unexpected discoveries.

We all need reminders that life can be about the very small, the seemingly insignificant. And yet I’ve learned a great deal more from the small. Sometimes it is someone helping to light my way and other times, turning the switch off so that my eyes are open. Those reminders teach me to close my eyes and to open them as well. I need do both.

Soon, the painting will be done, and one by one I will place glow in the dark stars upon my ceiling. Then I’ll turn off the lights…….and I will be reminded.

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