Firefly Reminders……

Posted on by Jeff Raught

screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-4-38-58-pm         One evening  I arrived home late after a gig. As I stood in the driveway, I looked around and noticed there were no more lightning bugs, or fireflies if you prefer. I wondered, is it possible to pay attention enough to see the last one? The very next night a firefly appeared right above me. He flashed and then rose in a spiral, signaled again while rising higher. Then one last time as if to give me a wave good bye for the season. I said out loud “Wow…thank you…..see ya’ next time.” It was an extraordinary unexpected gift thatlasted just a few seconds, but left an impression.

     This afternoon I called my Mom and had another one of those in and out conversations. The kind where she struggled here and there to recall some details. Is it August or September she asked? I told her September and she responded that she better turn the calendar. I said if you like the photo on that month, just leave it there. I asked her if the leaves were turning yet? There was a little pause and Mom impishly answered, “to tell you the truth, I haven’t been checking!” We had quite a laugh over that one. It was nearly five o’clock  and she was heading down to the Dining Hall so we shared our goodbyes. Mom stumbled a bit when she told me to give my wife her love…. It’s Cindy right?  That’s right Mom, it’s okay. I felt her smile through the phone. Bye Mom, love you.

     I sat for a moment thinking about how it is for Mom these days with trying to recall or process anything from eighty-six years. Sometimes she can be incredibly clear, other times, less so. Things can be there one moment and quite fuzzy the next. Her memory flashes on and off in an instant and then…………I remembered the firefly.  Flashing on and off it’s gentle signal. That wonderful warm glow that says, “Hey, I’m over here…now I’m over here.” And perhaps that is exactly where Mom is.  So instead of worrying about her being sharp with every detail, I am going to think of her like a firefly. Telling her stories with a bit of a soft edge, illuminating her way on and off as best as she can.

The wonderful photo of the firefly is courtesy of  Radim Schreiber. To see more of his work: www.fireflyexperience.org  ~photographing the magical glow of fireflies.

For permission or use of the photo apart from this story, please contact Radim at his website.

copyright 2016 Jeff Raught


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  1. I absolutely love the analogy of the firefly – and I will use it in the future when I do workshops or have conversations with new care partners. we would spend hours as children watching hundreds of fireflies in the fields beside our house, and just this summer I did the same from the balcony of the place I live now. It was magic. Thank you so much for this post.

    You might equally find something interesting in this one: http://myalzheimersstory.com/2016/04/30/what-if-life-were-a-ball-of-yarn/

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