Booking Information

So you’re thinking about booking Jeff for an event? What’s the price, what are the details?

Here are a few things for your consideration.

Piano and venue

Jeff can bring his own gear so you don’t even need a piano.  He is currently playing a Roland RD800 which is a fine keyboard. He also is using a Bose PA System. This allows to book him in different venues. If you have a nice grand piano, that is….well it’s grand. There is nothing quite like a wonderfully in tune acoustic piano. But not all venues have that, so he is prepared either way.


Prices vary depending on what your event is. An evening concert is different than booking him for a full weekend retreat. So call or write and talk more about what you have in mind.


Check out the calendar for currently booked dates and see if there is an opening. It is changing all the time with new events being added on a regular basis.

He would love to talk with you about scheduling an event.

Call 717-715-7245