Jeff’s Music

Back in 2002, a couple we barely knew called us and asked to stop by. We didn’t know how much that very brief visit would change our lives. In the few moments that they were there this husband and wife shared what God had placed upon their hearts as individuals and as a couple. With that, they slid a check across the table – enough to purchase a grand piano.  It was and still is an extraordinary gift.  The In The Midst  CD was recorded on that piano. Since that time many more songs have been written. Here  are a few more.

Saved the Best Till Now  – Ted and Company show “The Jesus Stories”


Autumn Daze 

And So We Pray 

Manna – From the Ted and Company show “Jehovah’s Traveling Trunk”

Lots of Beggating – From the Ted and Company show “Just Give’Em The News”


You can purchase the CD through the secure online PayPal Service which is linked below. You are also welcome to send us a check in the mail and we will gladly process and ship you order that way. And if you live close enough, you can stop by and pick one up at my studio in Talmage. We can take a check or cash at the studio but are unable to process a Credit Card, so you would have to do that online. CD’s are $10.00.

  Shipping Procedure Who pays the shipping cost, and how quickly do you ship? You pay the shipping costs. We will ship within 48 hours of receipt of your order. We’d like to say 24, but if you place the order Saturday evening, it’s probably not going anywhere until Monday. We’ll still try and get it out the door as quickly as possible.

1-3 CD’s  – $3.00

4 or more – Please contact us as to how you would like them shipped.

What shipping methods do you use? USPS (United States Postal Service). If you want to receive the order next day and are willing to pay the extra freight please let us know.

Return Policy

You are welcome to return unopened CDs that are postmarked 14 days within of your order date. If it’s defective, we will exchange it, again within the same time frame. Where do I send it? Jeff Raught ~ PO Box 16 ~ Talmage, PA 17580 How will I get my refund? It depends on how you paid for it. PayPal will be through PayPal. If you sent a check, a refund check will be sent to you. Please make sure you include your return address. I’m hoping that you are satisfied with the tracks and don’t need to send anything back. But if you do…..we’ll take care of you.