Jehovah’s Traveling Trunk

Both very funny and heartwarming, Jehovah’s Traveling Trunk Show is a great show for all age groups. A homeless man (Zeus) meets a piano-playing angel (Gabriel) who has brought onstage a trunk full of props, costumes, and stories—God’s stories.

Jehovah’s Traveling Trunk Show is a quick tour through stories of the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, that capitalizes on the humor without missing the power and surprising insight. Through laughter and tears, you’ll join the two on a journey to rediscover this wonderful thing called faith.

Starring Ted Swartz and Jeff Raught

Finding the humor and humanity in biblical stories has long been a hallmark of  Ted Swartz and Ted & Company. In Jehovah’s Traveling Trunk Show, Ted and Jeff explore what it means to worship a God who searches for connections with us, and also what it means to lose your faith—and to find it again.

Jehovah’s Traveling Trunk Show is appropriate for all ages.

Full show length: 90 minutes