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THE MEETING… “I think it’s a metaphor”

It was a mutual friend, John Denlinger. Ted “You’ve got to meet Jeff!” “Jeff, You’ve got to meet Ted!”  In this business you hear that a lot and very often it never really measure up to the anticipation. And many a well meaning friend has attempted to become a theatrical/musical match maker. But both Ted & I trusted and respected John. He is a man of integrity as well as holding a good deal of common sense. So this was one of those times we both thought “Okay”. That was back in January of 2004, at Laurelville Mennonite Church Center. We were both going there and Ted called me up and asked if I would do a reading with him. I said sure. So I guess it was January 3rd, 2004 that Ted and I first took the stage together. It was a reading of the classic “Vinnie and Vito” “I tink it’s a metaphor or sumtin” beautiful stuff…Each year at Laurelville I have worked with Ted along with many others on the dramas that are staged for the Sunday morning service. Our friendship and collaboration continues to grow.

The Shows: 


12 Baskets and a Goat

12 Baskets….well just GoatsThe Jesus Stories.. Faith, Forks, and Fettucine

TATTERED & WORN…   (now under the title Jehovah’s Traveling Trunk Show)

JUST GIVE EM THE NEWS…   A Delightful telling of the Christmas Story


Just Give ‘Em the News from Tim Moyer on Vimeo.

What’s So Funny About Money? from Tim Moyer on Vimeo.




CLIPS FROM 2009 – (courtesy Mark Myers SR Film/Video)

Get Mary Off the Donkey

Regular Joe

Mary Blooper