The Honeycomb

Extraordinary Give Fundraiser ~ Meals on Wheels, 1411 Columbia Avenue, Lancaster PA

This performance of The Honeycomb is part of the fundraising effort for Meals on Wheels.

A new show from Jeff will combine stories life and weave them into something we all can relate to.  Stories about Mom, Dad, divorce, dancing, memory loss, Alzheimer's, funeral homes and beach balls and so much more. An honest look at a life filled with laughter and tears, sometimes all at once. Jeff never considers himself just a piano player or musician. He is sort of a caboodled mystic, wrapped around a piano in pursuit of telling a story in the best way possible. Crossing paths with those moments in life that we all encounter, but sometimes don’t want to talk about, he finds a way to give us a hook to hang those stories on. 

In The Honeycomb, he is showing us ways to not only store up memories, but not be afraid to take them out and look at them, both the good and the bittersweet. To pull them from the honeycombs of our hearts.

The show will run approximately 80-90 minutes.


Company Christmas Party - Private

Jeff will be providing a company and it's employees an evening of fun in story and song. Also included will be a customized narrative written especially for this company. If you are interested in something similar please contact Jeff. It's a great way of having something different for your employees.


LMH Chapel

Lancaster Mennonite School, Lancaster PA

Jeff will be sharing during the morning chapel at LMH. Some songs about Christmas, Lots of Begatting. The Complicated explanation about Mary's conception. Joseph, he's not just a Regular Joe... and so much more.