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Pianist, Composer, Theatrical Storyteller

Pianist, composer, theatrical storyteller. Jeff continues to explore what each of those mean as the years roll by. A deeper understanding in composition, the roles he plays on stage, the exploration of the piano, and giving voice to song in his own unique way. 

He’s played piano since discovering the player piano in the basement of his childhood home. 



Jeff is a storyteller at heart. Seated at the piano as a musician, or on stage as an actor, he brings his love of story and words to a unique artistic dimension. To him, it matters how the story is told. Jeff has been faithfully "caboodleling" in and around humor, music, theater, and stories of faith for many years. Untying the knot of humor in life and how much God designed laughter to be a grand part of creation. He hopes that you find some surprises in the work he is doing. So let's fly on the Ferris wheel, take our hearts on the tilt-a-whirl.... and let's take this ride together.

From the show The Honeycomb : https://youtu.be/VIYAPwg1ZN8


Sunday Morning

 Invite Jeff in to give the morning a different perspective on familiar narratives. Maybe that's a sermon or maybe some stories that help to shed some new light. He can even join your musicians for congregational singing. There have been a number of churches inviting Jeff to do so as of late. And the word is it's a refreshing change of pace. So drop him an email today.