These are some stories, nudges and more that Jeff has written over the years. Some find their way into a show, others into a song. And some just remain as they are a nudge, a whisper that helps us all learn something new.

A Sack of Seeds

A Sack of Seeds - 2019 Jeff Raught 

Burdens are heavy. That’s why they are called burdens. But I wonder if too often we think about them as merely dead weight. Cumbersome baggage that we either try to constantly carry…

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Time - What do we do with it?


Time is a funny thing. We can’t really contain it. Oh we can set  time limits for games and sports, but that’s not what I mean. I’m talking about some of the phrases we use about time, that seem…

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Beach Balls & Funeral Homes


My sister reminded me recently that our Dad had worked in a beach ball factory. I also knew that he worked as a mortician. But what I did not know, was that the funeral home he worked for, owned…

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Firefly Reminders

   One evening  I arrived home late after a gig. As I stood in the driveway, I looked around and noticed there were no more lightning bugs, or fireflies if you prefer. I wondered, is it possible to pay attention…

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The Honeycomb


Whenever someone close in your life passes away in death, people often respond with, “I’m sorry for your loss,” in part because most of us never really know what to say. From what I have overheard in the…

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