These are some stories, nudges and more that Jeff has written over the years. Some find their way into a show, others into a song. And some just remain as they are, a nudge, a whisper that helps us all learn something new. You are welcome to leave a comment, but the site does not allow me to respond directly. If you would wish for more conversation about any of these, please feel free to email me directly at I look forward to hearing from you.

That's Jeff, Who are You?


     A few weeks ago I went to visit 97 year old Aunt Ceil. She had taken a spill the day before and likely had a small stroke. Hospice is already part of providing guidance and care at this stage of…

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G - That Was Fun

G -  That was Fun.


I got the call to come and fix the letter G  on a laptop and so I went to see what I could do. It was a memorable experience. A long dusty trail into the…

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Transponder return

I needed to return an EZ Pass transponder back to the PA Turnpike because it was no longer needed in one of our work vehicles. I thought I would include a little note for when they received it.



I needed…

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Phone In The Cradle - Part II

I saw Mom earlier this Summer, brought some flowers and she was delighted to see us. "Oh Hi honey….what's doin? Good, good good. This is her standard answer no matter what you say. We visited briefly but then had to…

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The Calls are Getting Shorter



I called Mom about a week ago. The call lasted thirty nine seconds. Yes you read that correctly :39 


Jeff: Hi Mom, 

Marie: My son, my son, What’s doin? 

Jeff: I’m at work, just took a break to call…

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Show Me The Way to Go Home

Show me the way to go home 

I'm tired and I wanna go to bed 

I had a little drink about an hour ago 

And it's gone right to my head 

Wherever I may roam 

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Fireflies - Rising Up 

Fireflies - Rising Up 



It rained a good soaking rain this evening. The kind of rain that makes weed pulling fun. After it settled the fireflies started to rise up. I've written about fireflies before regarding my mom and her…

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When Are You Going To Start A Family

This is a narrative from my show The Honeycomb. It serves as an introduction to the song How Do You?


When are you going to start a family?

When you are young, unmarried or perhaps in a relationship, there’s that…

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It's Nice Out Here

“It’s nice out here.” Over and over she would return to that simple phrase. Perhaps it was a place of comfort in her mind. A place far removed from the confusing world of trying to sort out facts. We went…

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