The Bell Bottoms

2016 is when The Bell Bottoms got their start. Hand-picked musicians for a gig out in Columbiana, OH. We were hired to put on a show. We are not a dance band or a wedding band. It's a trip through the 60's and 70's, sharing that music as well as the stories behind the songs. We are still together and continue to explore the music. Here's a look at the history of the band members, past and present. 


Current Members of The Bottom Family
Robin Work - lead vocals, squeeze horn and various shaking things. She is also the best in the band at the guttural one more time!
Daryl Snider - lead vocals, acoustic guitar, tenor sax, soprano sax and oboe. Sings all the high notes that Robin can't reach.

Doug Kulp - drums, percussion, head bobbing. Plays a mean slide whistle if needed.

Dean Clemmer - vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, pedal steel. Sense of humor so dry it's like opening a bottle of Prosecco and making the smoked cheese smile.

Jeff Raught - lead vocals, keyboard, accordion, melodica, ooohing and ahhhing.  Same hair length as Daryl except more gray.


This a fabulous group of seasoned musicians. Send me an email today and book The Bell Bottoms. You'll be very glad you did. 



PAST Members:

Rusty Richards - Back when the group formed in 2016 Rusty  was our bass player along with acoustic guitar. When he moved to Austin TX, this made the commute to rehearsal a bit long. We still miss his spirit.

Dale Shirk - Dale joined us as a guest artist for one gig, filling in when Rusty departed.

The Bell Bottoms

The Bell Bottoms at Talmage - 2021

The bell Bottoms at Talmage - 2017