Jeff's  offers high caliber performances through songs, stories and more. His original songs dig deep into life, into faith in both humorous and poignant ways. A delightful mix of characters bring to life the stories he tells. And he has a unique way of connecting with an audience, whether it is fifty or five hundred.  Some shows are solo, others are works with Ted Swartz from Ted and Company.

He has been a  retreat leader, played for weddings, provided background piano music for many events. Recently,  he was called upon for some consulting work with a church that was exploring  how to bring laughter and humor into the dialogue of church life. What a great partnership it was in finding ways to make that work for a sermon series. 

Then there's The Bell Bottoms, a groovy band of musicians bringing great hits from the 60’s and 70’s.So be in touch, perhaps you have an idea and need some creative help.

If you would, like send an email  – Jeff does look at his email daily and you will receive a prompt reply. Hope to hear from you soon. You may also use the form on the contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.

The SHOWS...

The Honeycomb Show

A new show written in 2018. It will combine stories of life and faith and weave them into something we all can relate to. Stories about being a dad, a husband, a son. Moms, Dads, laughter and loss, beginnings and endings. Training wheels, marriage, divorce, dancing, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, funeral homes, beach balls, flying on Ferris Wheels, the occasional fart. He even has the audacity to talk about things like death and those odd rolled meat trays at the "light refreshments" gathering afterwards. An honest look at a life filled with laughter and tears, sometimes all at once. Jeff never considers himself just a piano player or musician. He is sort of a ca-boodled mystic, wrapped around a piano in pursuit of telling a story in the best way possible. Crossing paths with those moments in life that we all encounter, but sometimes don’t want to talk about. He finds a way to give us a hook to hang those stories on.

In The Honeycomb, he is showing us ways to not only store up memories, but not be afraid to take them out and look at them, both the good and the bittersweet.Those moments we savor that are both sticky and sweet. Just like a honeycomb.

The show will run approximately 80-90 minutes.

Locusts For Breakfast

You might not always see it, but there is plenty of humor to be found in places you might not expect. Jeff explores  the Old and New Testaments with song and story. Some things are just  darn funny. Locust for Breakfast is a show that uncovers those intersections of life and faith that sometimes trip over each other. A reminder that humor too is part of creation. You might hear songs like The Lazarus Blues, Regular Joe and the classic Stuffed Shells. The show is a mixture of Jeff’s solo work and also draws from his work with Ted Swartz of Ted and Company.