Some Recordings....

Here's a few recordings of songs I've written over the years. Sometimes I have brought some friends in to sing or play along. They lend a voice in ways that embraces the story of the song. You can listen here or you may download them. If you would like to use them for other purposes other than your personal use, please contact me. In some cases I have sheet music available or maybe a lead sheet. If you have a need for a song to be created just for you, please contact me about some of those ideas. 

One of the things about my songwriting is that nearly all of my songs come from a conversation with someone. A phrase or a word ignites something within and it starts. For many years I have followed this mantra: Trust your first instinct, never trust your first draft. I never know where the next idea will come from, but I always look forward to what that might be.

From the humorous to the more poignant, I hope you find something here that connects to your soul in some way.