From the Ted and Company Show - Just Give Em The News
A slightly askew look at the first Christmas.

words & music - Jeff Raught
lead vocal - Jessica Smucker
acoustic guitar - Daryl Snider
clarinet - Howard Boots
bass & electric guitar - Rusty Richards
piano - Jeff Raught

engineered and recorded in Talmage PA 2017 - Rusty Richards
arranged by Jeff Raught & Rusty Richards


Verse 1
He’s just a guy you might see around town
And you’d be wrong for knocking him down
He did the right thing when most would run away
He’s not just a regular Joe

Verse 2
Waited around fell in love with a girl
She was everything, she was his whole world
But through it all, when everything changed
He’s not just a regular Joe

Mary, when you tell Joseph, you might need to take it slow
He’s gonna wonder but he surely needs to know…..about

Verse 3
Your condition, how this child was conceived
It's most improbable, hard to believe
It's a little complicated, you got to help him understand.
That he's not just a regular
The circumstances are not ordinary
He's not just a regular Joe.