There’s a list that charts the generations from Adam right up through Joseph, husband of Mary, mother of Jesus. You may not recognize everybody on that list, but like everybody’s relatives and fore-bearers there was some fine folk and there was some real stinkers. They done some good and they done some bad, some more than others but what they all done was begat one another and this they all done real good.

From the Ted and Company show - Just Give Em The News
written by Ted Swartz and Jeff Raught

Lots of Begatting: words and music - Jeff Raught
Featuring the extraordinary talents of these fine, musicians.

Throngs of Vocals: Jeff Raught, Robin Work, Daryl Snider
Guitar with strings - Daryl Snider
Crestfallen Soprano Sax - Snaryl Dider
Tenor Sax Snort - Snaryl Dider
Inebriated Accordion - Reff Jaught
Smallmouth Bass Guitar - Rusty Richards
Various other instruments - we're not sure.

Engineer and recorded at Talmage PA - 2017
Arranged and Produced - Jeff Raught & Rusty Richards