The year was 2012 and I was on the road performing in Indiana for about ten days. Cindy was back home in Pennsylvania. One night I got to thinking about us, under the same moon.

Neither one of us knows WHERE or HOW we met back in 1982. We had no mutual friends, we grew up 150 miles apart. To this day, we simply do not know. I had moved to Bird-In-Hand, PA and was working in the greenhouse industry, about a mile from Cindy’s house. When we first encountered each other we already knew each other, though again how?... we don’t know. Both dating someone else and that was that. Two months later, I was now unencumbered. I drove by her house and she was jumping rope in her driveway. I turned around and went back. That was October 10, 1982. We never looked back after the date and have been in this together since.

We dated for six weeks and got engaged. Nine months later we were married. Eleven months, we had our first child, another 25 months later we had our second. Less than four years had passed and we had met…(apparently), got engaged, got married and had two children. Within about that same time frame,on both sides, our parents were now divorced. Everyone had remarried except for my Mom, which now meant we had 7 in-laws to deal with instead of 4. There was much much fun in the Magnificent seven.In 4 short years there had been; 5 weddings, at least 2 divorces, 2 births,1 stroke and a whole lot of upside down stuff in our world. Here we were, two kids with two kids. It was September of 1986, I was 26, she was 22. It felt like the world had us by the balls.(phrr err)

Start musical chord meandering

We have hung in there. Quite tenaciously at times. Despite some of hard things, we continue to laugh together…… a lot. I’ve heard it said that a belly laugh injects as much oxygen as deep breathing. Nobody makes my belly hurt from laughter like Cindy. And now all these years later ……


UNDER THE MOON - Jeff Raught 2012

Here we are under the moon,
You draw my silhouette, I draw yours
Painting our love again.

Whispers of gray in our hair
Small ribbons of time
We both know
Holding our love again.

Growing old, in love’s so rare
The good and the bad and all in between
Love has brought us here


Growing old, in love’s so rare
The good and the bad and all in between
Love has brought us here