A Most Unusual Fit - Circa 2012

A Most Unusual Fit - Circa 2012 

What you are about to read is true. It's another bonehead play by Jeff. No names have been changed because I didn't need to. So here you go.... 

We were invited to a wedding reception(I was playing piano) and that inevitable question pops up; what should I wear? Things are a little different now. It’s not always men in suits and ties and women in dresses. And for that I am grateful… really I am. I waited to see what Cindy would wear and then I would find something complimentary.  

This time it was easy. A nice pair of black jeans with a comfortable cabana type shirt. Great! No tucking in, no ties; splendid. I was going to be comfortable. 

We arrived ahead of schedule as I needed to set up my sound system and keyboard for some music during the event. I noticed at some point that my pants, well, seemed just a tad off. I couldn’t quite tell what it was, but attributed it to my seat height being wrong on the piano stool or something. Whatever it was, I couldn’t do anything about it and I brushed it aside……mostly. Everything went fine, lovely bride, handsome groom, seeing some friends we had not seen in quite some time. 

The evening ended and we packed up all the gear and headed home. During the tear down and packing, things in the lower province of Alberta seemed to be somewhat misaligned. And no amount of shifting and twisting did anything to improve things. Once again I shrugged it off, though this time thinking, "Well that little extra on your belly might be the culprit." In short, it felt long in the waist, and I didn't know why. 

A couple of days went by and I had folded the jeans that were hung on the clothesline and stacked them on the edge of the bed. Cindy asked, “Have you seen my good black jeans?” She had been searching high and low for them. "I can't find my good black jeans?" 

 “Are they in this stack”? I replied. She looked and looked and sure enough they were not there. “Well the only other pair of jeans left, are still in the laundry and those are the ones I wore to the reception” 

I went and retrieved them and at the same moment we realized…Yes I had indeed worn my wife’s black jeans to the wedding reception. I guess with the cabana shirt not being tucked in you couldn’t really tell the difference. 

          In hindsight when I got ready for bed that evening, the pants did seem to come off at an unusual angle. Like, I had to do that hip thing to get them off. I never usually have to do that. It was odd. It still feels odd. I spent about six hours in a pair of women’s jeans and didn't know it. Shouldn't I have been more aware? Shouldn't my spider sense have been tingling? I guess you're happy you have pants on in public and they fit you reasonably well.On the plus side, I did have nice lines that day, and I strode across the floor with a very peculiar confidence. So check your pants……check your partner’s pants. Especially if they are nice black jeans with a most unusual fit.

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