Fireflies - Rising Up 

Fireflies - Rising Up 



It rained a good soaking rain this evening. The kind of rain that makes weed pulling fun. After it settled the fireflies started to rise up. I've written about fireflies before regarding my mom and her memory. But this time it was a bit different. 


I thought about people and friends who have dreams that were on hold, they were bound by their circumstance. Yet just like the firefly they were rising up to find a new perspective. One that was higher and brighter. 


I also thought about a middle-aged firefly thinking, my ass is getting wet in this grass, I need to get out of here. 


I think both are useful analogies. Rise up, or find a place where you are not getting a wet tass (as my father would say). 



So tomorrow night, or whenever it suits you. Wait till dusk and step outside. Take a look at the fireflies. Apply that wisdom to your life. I'm not certain what you will decide. But I can assure you two things. You will rise up in a new way and the seat of your pants will be dry. 


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