The Little Things

It is the little things that count. Yet the tiniest of occurrences also seem to have another effect. Particularly when it is tied to a strong event in our life. When we break a flower inadvertently or poke a hole in the screen, it gets to us. Maybe it is a reminder of something broken or poked through. I was talking to dear man I know. And I mentioned how sometimes you could be picking up a broom… a broom...and you find yourself in tears. Because… Aunt Helen had a broom. I saw the tears well up in his eyes. 

We find ourselves being strong about the big events in life. A loved one dies, the dog is castrated(Well it’s a big event for the dog), the car needs four tires and the bank account is low. We pull up our imaginary boot straps and move ahead. But the minor, oh the minor has a way of digging deeper. 

We wonder why these little things have such power? Those intangible emotions and such that really get to our core and always, it seems, without any warning at all. I think it’s easy to forget that the small things, can find their way into the deepest parts of who we are. Moving into the tucks and folds of our heart and life. Seeking out those hidden pockets of our most guarded places. 

How can this be? The truth is they fit where nothing else can. They are perfectly shaped travelers winding their way toward the places they were meant to fill. Let them go. They belong there. Those little things? That’s what makes us strong. 

Copyright 2016 - Jeff Raught

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