A Sack of Seeds

A Sack of Seeds - 2019 Jeff Raught 

Burdens are heavy. That’s why they are called burdens. But I wonder if too often we think about them as merely dead weight. Cumbersome baggage that we either try to constantly carry or just drop and think we will never have burden again. Neither is realistic of course. 

What if we thought of that load as a sack of seeds? Seeds that can be scattered for wildflowers to grow, wherever they may land. Or carefully planted in rows. Maybe it’s seed for the birds to eat, which will then be scattered, wherever they may land. Not every seed is good and some do not germinate at all. But we carry all of them. The good and the not so good. 

I think we spend unnecessary energy on always trying to empty our sack. Yet if we always try to carry a full one, it simply gets too heavy. God’s spirit reminds us of this time and time again. Maybe we can remember the good in our life also has weight, and acts as ballast. It rights our ship. It provides a centering or balance just when needed. 

So gather the good seed you have gathered. Stick it in your sack and embrace that which you carry. From time to time, do a little scattering and planting. Remember that you have the power to transform that burden into something beautiful. Like a sack of seeds.

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