When Are You Going To Start A Family

This is a narrative from my show The Honeycomb. It serves as an introduction to the song How Do You?


When are you going to start a family?

When you are young, unmarried or perhaps in a relationship, there’s that question that comes up…. When are you going to start a family? I remember thinking when I first heard that…. Start a family?  

Aren’t I already from a family? Do I have to start a new one?  

Do I have to get new Aunts and Uncles? New cousins? 

It’s always been odd to me that being married or having children was the only way to achieve the status of having a family. But it’s simply NOT TRUE. 

Your definition MIGHT include being married or having children, but IT IS NOT a requirement. If your family is two dogs, a cat and a parakeet named Dan, then that is your family. Never let someone else declare that meaning for you. Remember, you alone are responsible for your happiness. Others can certainly contribute or take away, but it’s up to you to find it and claim what family means to you. 

Trace out the pathway of the life that you desire. Discover it and walk through. 

Then YOU decide HOW DO YOU want to tell your story.



HOW DO YOU?  words and music - Jeff Raught



How do you write a love song, for one who's beginning new life?

Hear the news and it stops you, about another who has slipped into night

How do you write a melody, as the lyric fades away?

Time is still, the pen runs dry.

Tell me how do you?


How do you tell this story

Where do you start and end?

Maybe right in the middle

Because we always wind up there again.



How will you paint your memory?

What colors will you choose?

Will it stay or wash away?

Tell me how do you?



How do you tell a lifetime?

How do you find a way?

I wonder how..... I'm...gonna make it through.

Tell me how do you?




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