The Devotional Hewn - an excercise

Years ago when I was on the staff as Minister of Music for a local church, I would have many rehearsals with musicians in preparation for Sunday mornings. I was a firm believer in letting "the spirit lead" at rehearsal so that we might be more aware on Sunday.  While I did find value in spending time in prayer about the music, it seemed like we kept using the same words over and over. Lord, might these songs be an instrument...blah,blah, blah. Not that I didn't desire that. But having used the same language time after time it had less meaning. So I developed and created the devotional hewn. Here's how it works. You generally need at least two people in the circle, though it is not limited on the upper end.

Pick up an ordinary object in your home or the space you are in. It can really be anything from a pencil to a stapler or discarded steering wheel. 

Each person will say something about the object. It does not have to be a spiritual or theological thought. Everyone is entitled to pass one time. But everyone should at least contribute. You can build on what someone else said, or introduce a new thought. Your idea does not have to be about the object itself. In other words you might mention the circle of the steering wheel, rather than what a steering wheel does. In fact, the idea is NOT to tell us what the object is, but rather what the words or images bring to mind. Once around the circle is usually enough.

If you do this on other occasions with other people, avoid the temptation of using an object from a previous time.

Why is it called the devotional hewn? Because each person creates an image or shape out of something else. It is hewn from it's original form. Each of us has the ability to see things from a unique perspective. This simple exercise will encourage you to listen and think. To respond instead of react.

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