The bread was broken, not sliced.

The image of Jesus breaking bread is powerful. He didn't get a serrated knife from the wood block holder and tell his disciples to slice the bread. That's too neat and tidy. Clean edges and easily made into the same thickness? That's not who we are as human souls. Breaking the bread means to tear off a piece. The tear the outer layer, to pull apart the inner. And when you do that, he said to remember him. When your thick-skinned exterior is torn. When your inner self is tattered, worn and pulled apart.

We are not the same shape, none of us. Our stories have similarities, but they do not cast the same shadow from a unique silhouette. God gave us something to think about when it all seems like its falling apart. In the midst of those times, there is a place in our aching heart and soul to drift toward the calm. To pause, and do something simple. Break a piece off and remember.

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