I Got an F in Music

I Got an F in Music 

1977, my senior year of high school.In one semester I got an F in music. It was not at all expected, but very much deserved. It was the best grade I have ever received. I learned more from that F than all the A’s and B’s combined. It’s my favorite grade of all time. 

We often think we are not quite ready to handle the harder and unexpected things in life.Yet there they were, here they are,here they come again.If you are a person that grabs hold of your walking stick of faith? Where do you plant, what do you push off from? How do you see your steps?  

Because I think one thing God does (however you know God) is to make us aware that a light is always there, however small it might be. And in the midst of those dimly lit moments, is when we often find the way to who we really are.

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